Self Guided

Self Guided Active Trips

Discover Canada's Best Hiking & Cycling Trails At Your Own Pace

Are you more of an independent traveller who likes to take the trails your own pace, without the burden of carrying all of your gear? Prefer to choose your own travel companions than to join a group? Then our self guided adventures are for you! Let us take care of the planning and logistics, so all you need to do is show up at the allocated start point, strap on your day pack, and let our maps and detailed route information guide your way. No need to research bicycle rental companies and hotels, or to figure out which paths/routes are safe and enjoyable. We’ve already done it all for you! Most of our tours include a start point that is accessible by plane, train, or bus. If too remote for public transportation, then we’ve provided private transfer options either as part of the tour, or as an optional extra service. We’ve done our best to avoid the need for car rental – No small feat when exploring remote areas in Canada!


Our detailed route information includes historical/destination facts and recommended eateries, activities, and sights to take in while you make your way from one point to another. And if you require assistance while on the trails, we’ve included a friendly local emergency contact to help you on your way. The destinations are spectacular on their own, but an additional treat is showing up to your accommodation each day to find your luggage already there waiting for you. Take a load off and enjoy one of our unique self guided adventures!