Winter Sports

Winter in the middle of the woods, surrounded by the quiet calm of the season and white, clean snow all around – It is something that every nature lover should experience at least once in their life. And once they do, they are likely to seek it out again and again. Winter in Canada provides a refreshing opportunity to experience some of the country’s stunning and serene landscapes from a different perspective and with fewer travellers. Winter activity is naturally a little more challenging than warm weather adventure, however the rewards are great as you experience a true winter wonderland during the day before returning to cozy, warm accommodations and amazing food each night

The act of hiking in the summertime easily translates to snowshoeing in the winter. It is widely believed that a basic snowshoe, made of wood and animal hide, allowed early humans to migrate across the globe from central Asia to Canada, where First Nations Peoples subsequently perfected hundreds of snowshoe designs. Snowshoes have evolved over the years to the lightweight modern metal versions available today. The snowshoes fit easily onto a trekking boot, and poles can also be used for balance. Anyone who can walk can use snowshoes, although it may take an hour or so to get used to a slightly more exaggerated walking style. Uphill is not as hard as you may think, with front spikes that grip the snow, allowing you to ascend slopes with relative ease

Slightly more challenging but equally gratifying, cross-country (or Nordik) skiing is another winter activity that appeals to the active summer adventurer. A cyclist will appreciate the amount of ground that can be covered in a day while gliding across the snow.