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 Ontario – ‘ON’ the Outskirts

Ontario has a reputation for its cities and, with the lively, multicultural metropolis of Toronto and the country’s quaint capital, Ottawa, it’s no wonder the province’s natural beauty is so often overlooked. Yet, for those adventurers who brave to go beyond the dense urban jungle there exists a wealth of wild landscapes and unique experiences to enjoy.


This month, we’re looking at the outskirts of Ontario (or ON for short) to see why it’s such an underrated province for outdoor enthusiasts like us. 


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Niagara Waterfront
You may have heard about Niagara Falls, the new 8th Wonder of the World. More water flows over its edges than anywhere else on Earth. It’s kind of a big deal. But what about going beyond the falls - did you know you can explore the rural roads and pathways of the Niagara region to witness some of the best scenery the Great Lakes have to offer? It’s true! Cycling along the shores of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie not only yields top-notch views but also early Canadian history lessons and opportunities for tastings at some of the country’s most renowned wineries.


Photo: ©OTMPC

The Bruce Peninsula
With high cliffs and rocky beaches looking out across the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Georgian Bay, hiking the Bruce Trail along the peninsula might make you feel like you’ve stepped out of Canada and into the Mediterranean. Believe us! It’s the country’s oldest and longest marked footpath for a reason, not to mention a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Traversing this section affords endless coastal views, secluded swimming coves and unlimited mossy, forest beauty. The only question: how soon can we start?

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The Sleeping Giant
Ever wished you could be dropped into the middle of a painting? In Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, you’ll think you were! Imagine being surrounded by red, orange and golden hues, with rocky paths underfoot and the lulling sound of lapping water nearby. The quiet calm of the remote trails in northern Ontario offer countless views over Lake Superior, the biggest of the Great Lakes, and give hikers access to one of the highest points in Ontario. If that wasn’t enough, consider that you might learn some Ojibwe legends or follow in the footsteps of historic fur traders and you may be racing to plan a trip. We wouldn’t blame you.


Photo: ©OTMPC

The Classic Provincial Park
The country’s first-ever provincial park is the quintessential Canadian experience. Naturally, that makes it the most popular destination for a canoe trip with pristine routes through backcountry forests, rivers and lakes. But that’s not the only thing to do! The park also has a wealth of excellent hiking trails and other year-round activities like; fishing, mountain biking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Of course, there are loads of opportunities to see typical Canadian wildlife and experience every type of camping you can think of. Pack a flannel shirt and you’ll feel just like one of us!


Ready for an adventure yet? Go ahead – discover ON


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