Hiking or Cycling in Canada

How to Choose the Adventure that’s Right for You

Cycling vs. Hiking

So you’ve decided to explore Canada? That’s an excellent choice! As you probably know, we have a ton of inspiring landscapes, a huge network of trails, and incredibly beautiful national parks. It’s obviously a great place to be active which means you also have to decide HOW you want to explore – will it be by bike or by foot?


Don’t worry! There are a lot of advantages to both types – let us help you navigate the options to find the perfect Canadian adventure for your unique style.


Cycling a series of pretty trail bridges to St Peter's Bay |  <i>Guy Wilkinson</i>



Choosing a cycling trip in Canada means discovering the country’s best trails, stopping in quiet villages, and finding all the hidden gems in between. You get to travel at your own pace while we take care of the logistics! It’s a great option for independent travellers who want a little extra support – you won’t have to cart your luggage out on the trails, giving you more time to enjoy things like fresh PEI seafood, farm-fresh Quebec blueberries, and local Okanagan wines.


Cycling also lets you traverse greater distances while still being part of the landscape. It’s a gentle way to exercise and offers the benefits of fresh air and the feeling of freedom. You’ll get to start, take breaks, and finish whenever you want all with minimal impact on yourself and the environment!


Hikers on the Chilkoot Trail |  <i>Nathalie Gauthier</i>



On the other hand, hiking lets you really slow down and connect with your natural surroundings. This means you’ll also have lots of time to inhale the fresh east coast air, notice the details of the Niagara Escarpment, and reflect on Canada’s beauty without missing a thing! Like cycling, hiking is good for your body and for the environment, but sometimes it’s also the only way to experience certain places, like a Rocky Mountain summit.  


There are both guided and self guided options for hiking holidays. That means you can choose the flexibility of travelling on your own, departing when you want, and moving at your own pace with meals provided and luggage transfers pre-arranged. Or you can also choose a guided holiday, which offers the camaraderie of a small group of international travellers and the local knowledge of an experienced guide. Some guided tours even offer pack support to lighten the load you carry each day!


In any case, exploring the vast wilderness of Canada can only truly be done outdoors. So whatever activity or travel-style you choose, we’re sure you’ll have a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t soon forget. 




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