By choosing to travel with Great Canadian Trails you are choosing to travel responsibly ... it is at the heart of what we do, and it is our goal to support you and make it simple for you to travel this way. With this in mind, we offer you the opportunity to offset 1 tonne of the carbon emissions produced from your air travel.

The carbon offsets we purchase on your behalf are sourced by Climate Friendly, a reputable carbon management company. They have rigorous quality assurance processes and support only the best, most effective projects that prevent carbon emissions being generated.

Why is World Expeditions dedicated to reducing our carbon emissions and investing in renewable resources?

  • Core to World Expeditions’ philosophies on travel and the way our business operates is our commitment to Responsible Tourism. Since our inception we have set the industry standards on Responsible Tourism practices and so it is a natural progression for us to take responsibility for the emissions produced as a result of our business.

  • We have an obligation to ensure the long-term interests of the world’s natural environments as well as the preservation and diversity of the cultures of the world.

  • We have a vested interest to ensure that the world’s natural and cultural assets are accessible to our future generations.

  • The costs of unchecked global warming to our business are great and devastating if we don’t act now.

  • We believe the developed world has a moral obligation to support the developing nations like China and India to come out of poverty. These developing nations will require energy to lift the standard of living in their countries and we must ensure that they have access to affordable renewable energy in order to build their economies. In fact if we don’t act now it is suggested that the poor nations of the world will suffer the most from the impacts of global warming.

  • The aviation industry is the number one fastest growing contributor of CO². With more people flying more often, travellers around the world must take responsibility for the impact they have on the environment. If you are committed to environmentally responsible travel, like we are at World Expeditions, we strongly encourage you to offset your air travel, as we do for all of our staff travel.


The projects we are currently supporting with this program include:

  • Ziyaret Wind Power Project in Turkey: This wind farm at the shore of the Mediterranean Sea is contributing to the further development of renewable energy generation in Turkey. Thirty wind turbines produce 75 MW of electricity annually. In addition to its positive impact on the global climate, the project generates jobs, is supporting rural communities and education programs.

  • Tamil Nadu Wind Project in India: While Tamil Nadu is one of India's more prosperous states, many of its 60 million people still live in poverty and suffer from problems such as class and gender discrimination, and inter-district and urban-rural disparities. It is estimated that more than 20 percent of the state's population lives below the poverty line. The Tamil Nadu Wind Project helps to alleviate poverty by generating employment and contributing to the provision of basic amenities. Because the wind farm was created on dry, barren land, grazing of cattle was not affected. In fact, unproductive, previously worthless land was purchased from villagers to develop the wind farm. Furthermore, the southern electricity grid commonly suffers from power deficits. Not only has Tamil Nadu wind farm helped improve access to a reliable electricity supply for local businesses and households, it has also led to upgrades to roads and other infrastructure in the local area. Tamil Nadu wind farm also contributes towards reducing the level of air pollution resulting from fossil fuel combustion, such as sulphur and ash particles, which can cause adverse local health impacts.

  • Yuxian Baiyantuo Wind Project in China The Yuxian Baiyantuo Phase I & II Wind Project not only produces clean renewable energy, but also provides local social and economic benefits to this remote area. Generating electricity wind instead of from coal-fired power plants reduces combustion of fossil fuels. This improves air quality by reducing pollutants such as sulphur dioxide and soot which are harmful to health.

What is a carbon credit?

One carbon credit represents 1 tonne of CO2 that has been prevented from entering the atmosphere and causing climate change, e.g. through the use of renewable energy in place of fossil fuel. The carbon credits from the international renewable energy projects that World Expeditions supports are an internationally recognised measure of how much greenhouse gas reduction those renewable energy projects are creating.